Sabine Meier
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8 sets of photographs

Le puzzle (vanité)

16 digital prints
24 x 24 cm each

The 16 pieces of a wooden jigsaw have been photographed against a red velvet background, framed, and arranged one after the other one according to their original place.

If we pieced together the photograph whose each piece shows a fragment, we would get the picture of what we have before our eyes : an installation of 16 frames on a wall, containing the 16 pieces of a jigsaw photographed against a red velvet background, etc…

In any case, the effort to reconstruct the jigsaw is vain since, as  it is thwarted by the mise en abyme, it can’t form the picture previous to its “tearing to a piece”. Each photograph bearing its own presentation only shuts on itself in its casket-like frame.