Sabine Meier
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  • Portrait of a man

86 large size colour prints
250 projected pictures
a book

New York / Le Havre, 2011 - 2012

This set makes up a photographic portrait of Rodion Raskolnikov, the hero of Crime and Punishment, a novel by Dostoievski.
The first part of this work was executed in New- York during the residency Le Havre/New- York, Two way Looks, from October to December 2011, the second one in my studio in Le Havre, in August 2012.

Exposition MuMa - Le Havre
(Pictures of the exhibition)

Exposition Maison des arts - Evreux
(Photos de l'exposition)

Exposition Galerie Le Lieu - Lorient
(Photos de l'exposition)

Knockdown Center - New York
(Photos of the exhibition)